Security basics: review passwords



We tell everyone of our clients twice a year at the end of the financial and actual years to check and review their passwords well its time now to do that.

SplashData last year released its sixth annual list for its “Worst Passwords List” to highlight the insecure password habits of people. The current list comes out of data drawn from over 5 million leaked emails, so its real.


Looking through the list you will not see much improvement this year compared to last. "123456", which is used 4% of the time and "password" still top the list.

You might say to yourself well I will never be targeted as I am just not important enough, well a small Queensland newsagency password was used to bypass the security and enabled a corrupt employee to take over $36,000 in two years, all due to poor password security.

How do you check them?

I recommend this site here.

It has a list currently of 3,805,360,380 accounts that have been compromised. It is time to check your accounts.

The next point is to change even if only slightly your important passwords, just putting say a B after your password for the second half of the year is a big step. If you want to check how hard, it would be to crack your password, please go here

Good luck and we will talk about this in another six (6) months.