Security basics: Is your point-of-sale being used as a seedbox?


As from today, several well known pirate sites - The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, TorrentHound, IsoHunt and SolarMovies are being blocked in Australia.



Currently it is laughably easy to bypass these blocks as the ISPs are only doing the minimum but its early days.

What I have noticed is that these blocks, do not seem to be enforced on many business accounts. Which means that many people have discovered that using their business Internet, they have a free seedbox. All they need is a smartphone which most people have, the WIFI codes that most employees are given and a free torrent app.

This causes, however, several problems for the business.

1) Much of the bandwidth of their Internet is being used by these programs, and their Internet runs slow.

2) Then their plan limits are exceeded so they get extra charges or get put on slow.

3) And the big one, is they could get involved in a major legal problem.

The quickest way to see if your pos system is being used as a seedbox, which should catch most of them is to go to this site here.

If you come up, then I suggest you investigate. About 4% of my clients are finding something.

I find it very good, using it we caught an accountant who was doing a job here on behalf of one of our clients, downloading torrents from her laptop while she was working here.