Reminder emails and SMSs

Today in our competitive business environment, retailers need to make every opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and strive to serve their customers better. One of the best methods to do this is reminder emails and SMSs.

In our POS system, there are many marketing reminders there.A typical scenario would be a person buys some dog food, a ream of paper or a lottery ticket. Now the seller knows that this will not last the customer long. Very soon the customer will need another lot of dog food, a fresh ream of paper and there is always new lottery draw coming. A reminder is used to help a customer remember that it is time to get them to come to you. "Hey remember me, I sold you the last ...., I want a shot to sell you another..."

They are also used to remind people to take advantage of a special offer, to redeem VIP points before they expire, send birthday offers, other offers, remember their upcoming appointments, etc.

Do they work? Well, I can assure you that birthday offers are probably the most successful marketing tool of all according to a study about half are redeemed. A significant improvement in people coming on time has been shown to occur if people are reminded.

As a rule, I suggest that these reminders be sent about two weeks early. Also, you need to give people enough time to redeem the offer say a month, so if you are thinking of the 10th of next month, you need to send it out about the 15 of the previous month and make the offer available for the next month.

I suggest that you seriously look into using this facility in our point of sale software.