Ransomware again

Ransomware is software that blocks access to the user’s information and demands payment to reinstall access like here.

A major problem now is if you get such an infection and do decide to pay, something we strongly recommend that you do not do is as soon as the authorities become aware of an attack, they will close down immediately anything they can with this attack. This means that often the criminals behind the offence no longer have access to those that they have affected. As such even if the criminals wanted to which usually they do not, they cannot get the key to get your information back.

We would recommend against paying up in response to a ransomware attack anyway, because despite the moral objections that anyone paying is supporting criminals, often these offenders cannot get your data back away. The claim that they can frequently is, a bluff and many despite meeting the demands of the ransom find they get nothing back, and they have no recourse legal or otherwise.

The good news though is generally we have been able to recover most of our clients' information back.

Note we do expect and hope that all our clients do have a daily backup of their information. If so the worst that can happen is one-day's information lost in your point of sale software.