Queues everyone wants to be first.

This is something to make you think. One big advantage SMB business has is that they can often process a transaction faster at the point of sale. Often people will come to a shop, even if they think its dearer just because of the speed. No-one wants to wait for a in a queue for a newspaper.

Now studies have been done of queues of people shopping and whether they preferred one long serpentine line like banks often use or the many smaller queues like supermarkets use.

The conclusion was that people generally preferred one long serpentine line because it guarantees first-come, first-served and people thought it was fairer. The study is here but what was interesting is that people still preferred one long serpentine line when it produced slower service as this mythbusters set up a store and tested it. The show is here and worth a look. It will certainly give you something to think about.