Promoting on social media.

Another business tip:

It's never been about having a business office or shop today, and waiting for people to come. 21st Century Business like any other century business means going out where the customers are and promoting your products and services. Today where the customers are online, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. So that is where you have to be too.

With Google, it's hard to beat the big guys but with the other social media systems the SMB size business can and do compete well with the big guys.

What I suggest you do is make a formal plan. Check out a few people in your line of business and see what they do on these social media sites. Write down notes, discuss it with them, find out what skills and assets you have. Maybe your daughter is a big user of Facebook and she can help. Now make a plan with a timetable e.g. three posts a week on Facebook and then start. Push your site with your clients and advertising and monitor what posts work, what people are interested in and adjust. Soon you will develop your own style that works for you and please do not let the knockers get to you, the only way you shut them up is by winning. Yes you are going to make mistakes; we all do. Keep going.

Your point of sale software can tell you the hot sellers now and last year about this time.
For content, many of the big guys (your suppliers) are only too happy to help you.
Google trend is a great way of finding out what people in your area are curious now. Put in your location, next put in a few top departments, and it will tell you what people are now interested in these departments.

Add a few photos, some comments and put it up.

As social media is instant, your content needs to be constantly updated to reflect new offers or services, otherwise potential customers will go away. You have to keep giving reasons to keep checking your page, reading your twitters and looking at your histograms.

Facebook is currently the favourite one as its the most affordable platforms and its very effective. Over 13 million Australians are active on Facebook each month and the average time Australians spend on Facebook every day is 1.7 hours.

Here are two of my clients that use facebook a lot for you to look at

Cooma Pet Shop

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