Predictive Analytics

To be successful today, it is important that retailers keep in tune with their shops unique preferences and behaviour. However, there are too many stock items and marketing seasons to do it properly manually. The best way to do it is with predictive analytics (focus). These tools are generally too expensive for small to medium-size retailers, unless they have our point-of-sale system because we have embedded it into our software and give it out free. I think it's great as its both simple and intuitive. It does not require much training either to use. Less actually work then manual stock ordering.

Let say you have a basket for tape. You cannot order limitless quantities of tapes as you are restricted by the basket size. So what our users can do is use focus ordering, it is an advanced type of "just in time" method of stock control, which allows you to plan how much stock you should have now.

What happens is the computer tracks the stock on hand, estimates the stock level required for these goods in the period (focus), if it thinks that the stock on hand is too low it can send an order to a supplier with the speed and accuracy that no-one can match.

It is easy to set up, and use for details click here.

With effective software, you can control your stock with relative ease.

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