Imports of doggy dates by XChangeiT into your pos software

A patch number 2436, is scheduled for release next week that will stop doggy dates like 17/02/2301 from being imported into your point of sale system by XChangeIT system in the future. This daft mistake created for us over 100 extra calls, you can double it for the industry because we are not the only ones in the industry. If you calculate based on industry-standard billing at $250/call, it's about $50,000 for bills from software companies like us, plus what is not in this total is the cost and time for the retailers plus their telephone bills so you could at least double it again so we are talking over $100,000 wasted. I am sure a solicitor could explain why it should be more.

Someone should send the ones responsible; who have not come forward to say boo, a score for their level of compliance?