Points few consider when selling your business


They say that a businessperson has two happy moments—one when they buy and one when they sell. I am not so sure as I have had much good time between.

Here are some further points that you need to consider.

Be prepared.

Often what I see is that a sale is being held up because someone is waiting for figures. Sometimes it cannot be helped as you will be asked for some strange pieces of information. It would be best if you were on hand to answer these questions.

Note how you say it may be more important than what you say, as potential sales can fail for the most trivial reasons.

The business broker is not really on your side. Some are good and some are bad. One point, they all act like they are good.

Then there are two critical people; either can kill the deal.

The buyer's accountant will review your figures. That person is putting his professional career on the line. They sometimes are sued if it does not work out the sale to the new buyer. I have often seen a potential buyer get the figures, go to the accountant, then be told it isn't worth it, and the deal dies. Make sure you give figures they like.

In the bank, there are two people. The first earns a lot of money, and it is their job to get the deal. The second earns even more, and it is their job to make sure no deal goes through. If the buyer cannot get the money, the sale will not happen. The bank is not lending the money till the i's is dotted and the t crossed. So before the deal goes through, you will need to sign a form that everything works and everything is there. For example, there are legal cases over computers that did not work or were there when the buyer looked at the place and are no longer there. Generally, the buyer wins. These arguments often are not trivial. What you think of a working POS System may differ from what a lawyer and/or judge may think.

Keep a paper trail and take plenty of photos of everything, I mean everything.

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