Point Of Sale Stock Control


Retail stock control

Fact is

It does not matter how many products you sell, our Point of Sale Software can keep you informed of your stock levels just to help you make sure that you do not run out of the relevant stock on an item. 

According to one study, I read the main cause of these out of stock situations, was 72% of the time the retailer fault?

This is what your stock levels should look like

With our demand automatic ordering, this can be automatically implemented with very little work for you. It can generate profitable reports virtually instantly. If you get a run on a certain item, it will be picked up immediately by the AI ordering system and can issue an order with almost zero work to you.

And the best part?

  • Reduced holding costs - as you are not holding that much in stock.
  • Lower ordering costs - as you are buying only what you need.
  • Improved throughput rates - as you are ordering only what you need.
  • Decreased stock out occurrences - as the computer is checking continuously
  • Overstock wastes - this is often caused by people overestimating what they require.
  • Improved stock accuracy - you have a continuous check on your stock.
  • Higher customer satisfaction - you have the stock you require.

Can you really afford not to do it?

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