Plastic bags


I was listening to a politician seriously saying that Australia should follow Ireland and introduce a levy on every plastic shopping bag. Seemingly there it led to people cutting down which plastic bag use by almost 90%. I believe it. I can see in Bunning’s how few people take plastic bags when they have to pay a few cents for it.

I think these people have some good points. I am sure we have all seen these waste plastic bags somewhere having an undeniably negative effect on our environment.

Anyway if you go to supermarkets now and you see these green bags. People often use them in the street to cart everyday stuff. It is giving good PR to some big companies. You can see this one in the picture thought so!

I don't see many newsagents doing anything. So they cannot even argue that they are doing much to help this problem so being good business citizens. Most don't even have a plan B if such a levy appeared soon what are they going to do? So what happens if suddenly we need something besides plastic bags?

Even offering an alternative would look good to many newsagents. For example now what if in your VIP system you give some free VIP points to any client over a certain dollar amount that brings their own bag or offer them extra points for buying a non-disposable bag.