We take one big step forward and then drift backwards


You push and push and get somewhere. Then suddenly slowly we get dragged backwards.

A well known supplier in the newsagency field almost every time they produce a file for import into a newsagency software changes the format. They don't bother checking. Then they broadcast it immediately to thousands of clients. So often, we get phone call swamped when our users get a file from them. I don't see them care as it happens every time.

That is why we tell our users to use these files which we have checked

For this and other supplier files please visit here

So this is a list of good suppliers. That is not to say these are 100% correct but at least they will import without errors and look on our inspection to have correct information. The advantages of doing this are that they are easily downloaded into your system. When you processing stock you don't have to input the product you have received as all the details are there. This makes it easy for our clients to put their suppliers stock items into their systems rather then manually type it in.

However another example of a bad supplier is one in virtual products for newsagents who used to provided our clients with a standard stock format. Now suddenly they produce a different file and announce "with the best of intentions, we cannot provide other formats at this time. We are hopeful however that systems developments going forward will enable production of specialised formats." After years, who are they kidding! Because they don't care they have gone backwards so their agents now will type in manually the stock.

Luddites! Because we do nothing so they get away with it!!!!!!!!!!!