Parcel deliveries by weight


Parcel deliveries

A point that surprised me when I went to the New Retail ’19 conference which is considered  Australia’s largest retail gathering was the importance of parcel delivery in retail today. here were some figures.

In 2017/8 there was a 10% increase in the number of parcels being shipped by Australia Post. To give you a feel of how many parcels are now being shipped, Australia population is 20 million and everyday Australia Post ships out 1.3 million parcels. Australia Post is the largest but by no means the only parcel deliverer in Australia. 

What I found particularly interesting was this chart by Australia Post of weight by percentage

up to (KG)         Percentage

2                          66%

5                          19%

10                          7%

25                          7%

25 kg +                  2%

As you can see the high number of very light parcels shows that it is not because the public cannot carry it. It is convenience. 

I think that this highlighted the growing demand by the modern-day consumer who wants fast and flexible delivery plus if you have any plans of going online then delivery is a necessity.

Delivery is something you must consider.