Open rates of email receipts


Have you ever wondered why when you go to some shops they ask you if you want an email receipt after they have printed out for you a receipt? It is not saving paper as they have already printed it.

It is marketing, something you can do too.

Here are some figures that show the marketing potential 

  • While open rates are at a staggering 70.90%, Mailchimp’s newsletters were measured at 17.19%.
  • The engagement rate is 8.93%, compared to 2.70% for regular emails.
  • The Average Attention Span is 185% higher than regular Emails

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People do read these emails.

Why not send an email receipt and include a marketing notice together with the receipt to advertise specials, discounts, upcoming events or other messages?

Here are some more advantages 

  • Receipts do not get lost.
  • It helps you gather customer email addresses so allowing you to contact them with email and hopefully gain visits and purchases.
  • It puts your shop in front of the customer again when they read their emails.


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