Tip to kick-start your loyalty program


loyal programs in australia


Today almost every retailer offers customers a loyalty card to encourage shoppers to return to their store. About 88% of Australians are enrolled, of which 46% are classed as active users as they use four or more programs.

This is a lot of shoppers. The problem is that many people who think they will be only infrequent shoppers will ignore your loyalty program because they feel it is worthwhile. Well, a trusted and tested solution is to give your members an option to use their points to donate to charity. Studies show that 40% of Australians are happy with that.


So you have the same product as someone else, but if they buy from you, you will donate x points to charity. So offer them a chance to contribute their points to a charity. Most of my clients are local businesses, so select a local charity. Make sure it is apolitical. I recommend something to do with medical or kids from a registered charity. Stay away from anything controversial. You are not in business to campaign for causes.

If you need some ideas, click here.

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