Notifying us of a change in business ownership


A person rings us and asks for support. We do not know him although we know the shop. He then asks us for information on how to get a customer listing. Okay, do you see the problem we have?

Here are several more reasons

- We have a policy of free training for new owners, not letting us know means the new owners miss out of a service they could use. 

- The new owner does not own the point of sale licence until we are notified. As such, the former owner of the shop may be responsible for the cost of services that the new owner has incurred.

I am sure you can add a few more.

So there are many sound reasons for making sure that we are notified on a change of business ownership, preferably before the actual transfer takes place. 

All it takes is a few minutes to let us know, then allow us a few days for your request to be completed.

If a valid email address is on the form, both the Releasor and Acceptor will receive an email confirmation once the change of ownership has been completed from us.

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