Nextra Rewards

Hi Guys,

I would just like to share with you some of the exciting promotions Nextra sites are running using the Nextra Rewards cards:

- Buy 6 Cards, get the 7th Free - PosBrowser records each card purchase by a customer using their Rewards Card and automatically gives them their 7th for free! No more punching or marking cardboard cards and tallying up the amounts - PosBrowser gives you a report showing exactly how many free cards you have given away and the amount to be claimed from your supplier!

-Vouchers - When a customer accrues a set $ amount of points by spending in your store, a voucher is automatically printed for that amount. Customers get very excited when they receive that first voucher!

-Lucky Numbers - For each $5 (or any amount you like) spent by a customer, they receive a "lucky number" on the bottom of their receipt. At the end of the month PosBrowser will randomly select up to 3 winners. The prizes can be totally up to you, but many people are using Instant Scratch-it packs or in-store credit.

-Marketing - Find customers who purchased an item previously and send them an e-mail containing a special offer. This works very well for products like Inkjet Cartridges or special occasions like Back to School, Valentines Day, Christmas and more!

-VIP Only Specials - Create specials such as "Buy 2, get one free" or "Buy 3 for $10" that will only activate for Nextra Rewards members. These specials encourage membership and reward those that are already members!

-VIP Only Sales - You can also place items on sale for a date period ONLY for Nextra Rewards members. Again this encourages membership and rewards your loyal members!

-Record "Handy Notes" on customers - You can record a note against a customer, helping the staff at the register. Notes such as "Call him Mr. Jones, not Bill" or "Uses HP #45 Cartridges" can be invaluable to staff!

These are just some of the exciting features Nextra Rewards stores have available to them. All of these features are made to run automatically which makes it easy for you and your staff to use! For more information, read this attached PDF document


If you would like to discuss Nextra Rewards further, please e-mail us.

Thank you again for your time,

Garth Brennan

Senior Sales Consultant - Newsagency Systems