Next week Wiindows 7 support ends


Windows 7 end of life popup

Next week, on 14/January/20 Windows 7 users will start getting pop up reminders from Microsoft like the above that this version of Windows is no longer supported and that its life is up

If you decide to keep going with Windows 7, we want you to be ready, so we’re reaching out in advance to give you time to prepare.

As Microsoft will no longer provide you with security and software updates, we would recommend that you change your antivirus software.  Two I recommend you look at are Avast and 360 Total Security 

Both are very good and have a good track record for keeping older Windows versions supported.  

However, without the monthly Microsoft security updates, you will no longer be protected against Hardware and Operating System attacks and you will be wide open to any new 0-Day attacks which is why we recommend and just about everyone else in the computer industry that if you are still running Windows 7, that you update to Windows 10.

Please note that many computers now that can run Windows 7 can also run Windows 10.

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