Network services meeting yesterday

Yesterday we had a meeting with them. It is frustrating. Today the reality is only a minority of people using XChangeIT are sending sales data. Currently out of about 2,500 users of XChangeIT only about 1,200 are sending sales data.

What this means is that magazine producers are not getting sales figures until its done manually often four issues later. Without feedback is it any wonder that magazine companies so often overproduce and as a result oversupply? Who in the industry is benefiting as people are not sending this data!

To help out please to check to see whether the sales data is being sent out. Please on the machine that sends the sales data, go to the directory:

C:\Program files\POSBrowser\Archive

In this directory, you are looking for the newest files with the extension *.sl2.

Check the date, if it is old please call us or XChangeIT.