Multi-Store POS - Coles outage and POS Software



For four hours on Friday evening, many Coles supermarkets had to close. This was because they had technical issues with their POS Software processing payments at the point-of-sale. 

If Coles had our Multi-Shop POS Software with replication, this would not have happened. Which highlighted one interesting observation made by Xero CEO to me that often "small business today has better technology than big business".

Still, this outage would have cost a lot, plus Coles would have suffered a  loss of goodwill. What happened is what we call in business - a pain point. So we can see how they used their loyalty program in response to this pain point. The very next day they offered their customers "triple flybuys points...purchases" also free delivery to online shoppers who spend $50 or more.

It shows the flexibility of loyalty points, that as required, it is easy to adjust. I have also seen it to encourage shoppers on slow days when they offer something like "double point on...."

If you have not yet got a loyalty program, I can assure you that it works well in all business sizes. So check out this quick video.


Then take a look at the free loyalty program and free CRM offered by our POS software.


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