More signs to support local businesses


Last week I showed signs by the local business organisations designed to help the local morale and support local businesses. It got a response and seemed to fill a need, so I decided to put up some more that I took.

I liked this one. It was relevant and straight to the point. Its the crux of our community in this pandemic. 

A disease does not care if a person is smart, educated, stupid, rich, poor, working, unemployed, political views, white, straight,  tall, short, Chinese, Indian, your religion, sex, etc. etc. etc. 

To the disease, what all that matters is your a person.  Try denying someone humanity now? We are all in this together.


Many businesses are making a big mistake because although they are open, the public does not know it. If you are open, make sure the public knows this. What they also had on the window was signs showing the services they offered now like curbside pickup, special hours, and phone calls to place an order.



If your closed, the public needs to be notified that you are coming back. I also noticed in Chapel street that most of the shops had a website and a social media page.


i was

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