Meet Astro, an exciting future for robotics


Today, Amazon held its annual display for its coming new products. A few items excited me.

One item I thought would start a revolution in shop security.

It is a robot that, among other things, can do security work and perform automated security patrols of the shop.

- My first thought was how many times did I have to go to the shop after hours because Mum or my sister suddenly became nervous that they had forgotten to lock the shop up? With its periscope camera, it can go high enough to allow you to check the door's lock remotely.

- How often do alarms go off for no reason? Usually, there is a reason, but there is no way of knowing the reason after a few minutes. The raccoon in the video below is a case in point.

- Most thieves today at night are smashing and grabbing. They know from when the alarm goes that they have so many minutes before the police arrive. If such a robot were present, they would know that the storekeeper could get instant monitoring.

- Often, the security guard is a risk. Unfortunately, this happened to one of my clients in a shopping centre where people could reach given time into the shop's front window with a stretch where stock is on display. Stuff went missing overnight, and no one knows who took it. Since there is only security guards present in that period.....

Here is a video of what it can do!

Having a robot that can run up and down the shop carrying something would be handy too. 

I would love to get one to try out!





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