Marketing holidays


Making retail events

A short time ago it was Doughnut Day, so I went with my daughter to get a doughnut. Before that is was Hamburger Day, so I went and got a burger on that day. Before that, it was World Falafel Day, so I went and got a falafel. I can tell you in all cases the shops were busier than usual as people like me got in the spirit of the holiday.

Today is book lovers day, yesterday was International Cat Day. Many of my clients could have done something with one of these events.


A good list of these events is here.


It can be a lot of fun for you and your staff to hold these events in your shop and also profitable as you often will pick up some trade too. 

The cost is small, in our Point of Sale Software put in a few notes on receipts and statements, put a sign on the wall, a Facebook post and you are off.

Here are some ideas. Try and make it local and relevant to your business, if you can involve a local charity, it is better.

It is best not to plan an event at the start of the month, as many people need warning and many make plans in advance monthly. 

Consider that most people want for events gifts.

Do not ignore the big ones like Father's Day that is coming up on 3 September, every retail store can make something for that day.


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