Marketing - Free marketing list


If you are a supported client of ours, POS Solutions can create an extensive B2B mailing list for your location FREE up to 1000 names. If you are just a reader but not our client but want such a list, it's five cents a lead. It will be created and designed to your specifications to help you boost your business and generate profits.

Email and SMS lists are available too.

These are not rental lists that you have to keep paying for to use but once off buys.

As always, we offer you a quality marketing list that will help you maximize your business success. With our vast experience and expertise over many years, our company can only guarantee you a comprehensive database that you can use for your business. Furthermore, it worries free as we offer a money-back guarantee.

We believe that it is essential to create good software and help you use it to make the most of your software.

This is the difference delivered by POS Solutions.

If you need help with email text, consider using a virtual service.