Mark retail stock as secure


More than a year has passed since the coronavirus outbreak shut down theatres. This has placed many blockbuster release dates in jeopardy.

Today we are already beginning to see these lockdowns worldwide going. Soon some blockbuster films, such as The Matrix 4, Dune, and The Many Saints of Newark are expected to be released... maybe we will go to the movies soon.

Check here for the dates

In the hype already we can see Dune toys are selling exceptionally well. This is expected to be released this month. 

Soon many of you will be getting goods early that can't be sold before the official release date. 

For this, we have a *secure* category to mark these items.

How to mark items as secure.

Go to stock maintenance in your point of sale software -> Edit marked them as secure in the red box.

Just another example of how our software has useful items that you can use.


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