Making a VIP marketing list

Today VIP email marketing systems are everywhere. Almost every shop has them. The most successful and popular schemes are those that have points that once they build up over a certain amount convert to dollars can be used to purchase more stock for the shop. You send out marketing emails using a marketing service like mailchimp to drum up business with information, which is relatively easy to get from your suppliers though Facebook. It is all automated through our point of sale software. The problem here is to build up your email marketing list to get critical mass to get enough usage to make the VIP system work.

Here is a tip that can help you to build up this email list. Many people will want a receipt. Your POS system will let you send a receipt as an email. So push email receipts to your customers. At the checkout, ask people if they want a receipt sent to them digitally. You will find that most shoppers today have no problem with this. Then after they have given you their email, ask them if they would like to be added to your VIP list, so they can keep informed of ..... A good line to add is that with today's purchase, you are halfway to get something. Very few say no and in the process, you have gained one more person on your list.

It certainly works, give it a go.