How to print easily scannable barcodes

Fast and reliable reading of barcodes is required in modern retail. It is quite frustrating at the point of sale when the barcode cannot be read.

Here are some simple tips to help you.

1) Use a decent label material, I have seen labels so bad that they had to be dumped. I prefer white labels, although a light colour can be used. What you will find is that a background colour reduces the contrast between the barcode and the label which makes it harder to get a scan.

2) Keep your barcode away from other barcodes on the product

3) Do not put your label on a product near anything reflective as this will also make it harder to get a scan.

4) Keep cleaning your bar code printer, the dirt can affect the print quality.

5) Put the barcode labels, on the product if possible on a flat surface.

6) Do not let the barcode fold, crumple or be in the sun too long.