Make it easier for people with poor vision to use computers.


Today with the staff situation, many people have been hired with vision problems. If anyone in the shop has an eye problem, send them straight to the nearest eye doctor. No need for a referral and do not worry, Medicare rebates are available. Eye problems you do not want to take lightly. 

Recently I got glaucoma and lost 50% of my right eye. If it had not been for lockdown with COVID, it would never have happened, but it happened. I am not the only one. The eye hospital was full of people. We are getting older, our vision is starting to deteriorate, and many of us need to make changes to our screens to make them easier to see.

As everyone with low vision has a different problem so there is no one solution for everyone as everyone is different.

What I regularly do for clients is set the windows wallpaper to something dark. This makes the icons on the monitor easier to see. I try to remove as many icons as possible to make it less busy; the simpler, the better for a business computer.

If people must have a picture, I tell them to put it in the middle of the screen and have the icons on the side.

We also have a range of bigger screens for people with poor eyesight, which helps immensely.

If this is a problem for someone in your shop, I found this youtube that you should go over. It has many good ideas.

As a rule with some effort, we have been able to get over this problem.

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