Magazine supply issues


I was doing some work for some new reports for our newsagency software that I saw overseas, I decided to check whether much changed in magazine supplies over the last year.

Here is an excel spreadsheet of what I got.

{Image removed]

From these figures what I can see here, little happened about the problem of supply other than possibly network.

I then decided to compare the results with a magazine supplier Lovatt just because they made an effort a few years ago to look into this problem. They decided not to use the magazine distributor but do the distributions themselves.

Well here are their figures
Oversupplied 38.1%
Undersupplied 17.9%
Clearly, in this newsagency, Lovatt's have cut into their sales by undersupplying with little change for the oversupply rate. Possibly they would be better going back to the magazine distributor.

If anything happened about this issue in the last 12 months, it certainly does not show in these figures.