Anyone interested in GPS vehicle tracking?

First what we do is a route calculation from our newsagency software for the subagent deliveries and customer rounds with the times needed for delivery. Then if you wish the route can be calculated to optimize either by the shortest time or the shortest distance for these deliveries. We then create a map of the route with clear instructions.

Then with this technology in every delivery vehicle, a unit is placed. This unit allows you to check every vehicle’s location, speed and direction via the internet. So while the deliveries are being done, you can monitor them continually. If the unit detects an accident or a delay, you get notice immediately via the internet.

You also get a history to review later. Say an accident occurred; you get reconstructions of the events leading to this accident.
If someone forgot to go down a street, you could see that. If a paper was missed, you could review every stop that vehicle made to find out what happened.

This technology is actually running now.

The estimated cost is about $2 a day a vehicle.

If anyone is interested in this technology, please let me know.