Magazine sales data


It is vital to the industry that this sales data gets to the magazine suppliers. In this day with the growing power of huge corporate companies, for example, Coles and online magazine websites more and more the newsagency industry has to prove itself to the magazine producers that it is a viable channel. So it is important is to get as many people as possible to send sales data though XchangeIt as if we can give them that an extra few percent let us do it particularly as it costs us nothing. The more people that send sales data the more valuable the sales data becomes.

Last year towards the end of the year, I contacted many people on behalf of Xchangeit to get this happening even to people that were not our clients. One guy, in particular, left a bad taste as he had time to write letters to complain publicly over his magazine orders but no wish to help to do something like send in his sales data. Overall it was neither easy nor pleasant but it is something the industry needed. That marketing campaign was extremely successful. So much so I have been asked to do another one as we need a 100% so I am going soon to start again a new campaign.

If you are not sending sales data and using Xchangeit we have an information sheet explaining how to set up sales history .