Lottoland a lot of correspondence coming through



I got a lot of correspondence about it. Interesting they are all coming through attached with confidentiality clauses so I cannot talk about it. Why should these people only want to be talking in secret?

The point that seems to be concerning people, in particular, was my quote from NANA that

“Throughout the campaign orchestrated and funded by Tatts Group Lotteries, a campaign on which they have spent more than $5m, they portrayed the resistance they have created as being initiated and managed on a grass roots level by newsagents and other lotteries outlets. Make no mistake, the campaign was and is funded and orchestrated by Tatts Group Lotteries. Some newsagent and lotteries associations have tied themselves to the campaign and appear to act as mouthpieces for Tatts Group Lotteries.”

Actually, the figure of $5 million is, of course, a gross understatement, the $5 million figure is for last year, this year I am sure that it will be much more than that.


The gaming industry has been following the news closely, here are some links.

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One point please consider, whether the legislation through or not, lotto agents are on their own the day after.