Lots of problems with Windows 10 updates

Fortunately most of our users took our advise and only did delay the latest Windows 10 upgrade to Monday or Tuesday. Although most had no problems, a few did.

If you are not running Microsoft Defender which is what we suggest, then please turn off your antivirus program before doing this update.

The most important problem was that many complained how long it took to do the upgrade. As long as its moving there is not much you can do but wait it through.

The other big problem was not as such a Microsoft problem but a hardware issue, particularly with USB devices. We have been busy today reinstalling hardware devices. Some there is little we can do although so far no-one has gone down, but a few are reporting problems like the screen not quite being right.

Some computers are reporting problems getting on the network, so what we are doing is re-installing the latest network card, and that seems to be fixing it.

The slowness and odds effects being seen in the startup that some are experiencing seems to fix itself after doing a few shutdowns and restarts. If that does not fix it, what I am telling people to try is rather than turn off the computer use the hibernate option and see if that works for you better. So far, it seems to be working and in a few days, I am sure the shutdown will work properly.

One point I do recommend is after the update is done, go to Settings > Privacy then check the setting there.

Other then that it looks good, most people are reporting that the computer now seems more responsive. For point of sale, the improved security is the big plus.