Business tip: Getting professional posters free


A while ago, I showed how to use your point of sale system to help you find what the public are interested. The idea being to try to sell to them. Then what you do is grab a few items in the shop, put them together, hang a poster up and try to sell them while they are hot.


My current example was the Game of Thrones which is very much in the public eye now particularly after the recent muck up with foxtel which caused a storm in twitter.


As you can see from this graph the interest in this, is much higher than all footballs in Australia.




The problem some people said to me, was they could not get any appropriate posters. Which sort of surprised me.

Well here is a terrific site for making posters. The software is very easy to use. You can print them yourself or get them done at some photolab professionally if you want something better.


Here is a poster that a client created using it. I think it looks pretty good.