Join the roll out of DTI now for free.


For months now, we have been rolling out DTI, you can have it in minutes. This is the latest form of EFTPOS and Credit card receipting, reporting, and tracking.

It sends receipts by SMS and/or email free. 

Soon you will be able to send the receipt directly into your customer banking app making it, what we call a smart receipt. The advantages of smart receipts are that they speed up the check out as receipts can be sent directly to the customer's banking app.

-Conventual receipt requires an operator to tear off and present to the customer. Besides labour costs, we also have the cost of printing. 

-Digital receipt by SMS requires from you 
a) An outlay of about $1,000 for extra equipment, including a new printer and dongle to do this for each register, or you have to pay for an SMS provider and then a customer's phone number. 
b) You require access to your customers' email account, something people are sometimes reluctant to give. 

Plus, also on offer is a free integrated business intelligence report. This gives you an analysis of your customers' payments. It contains details, some of which only the big retailers get now.

It is a good deal.

Try DTI now free, it will take a minute to set up!

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