It's time to think of stocktaking


Before anyone asks me, this question that comes up every year, "Do I have to do a stocktake?" because we all know it is a big unprofitable job that few want to do. 

The answer is almost certainly yes, click here for the ATO requirements. 

Besides the ATO requirements, Stocktaking is a necessary method of stock control. It is the only way of determining what stock has gone. 

As a first step, check the documents in your help documentation. There are four documents there; for you to look at:

Stocktake = Standard stock take doc using Posbrowser on its own to run the stocktake.

Stocktake with a PTD = Stocktaking with the help of a PDT

Stocktake with the stock management system = Stocktaking using the mobile PDA browser program.

3rd Party Stocktake guide = A guide on how to upload stocktake data to and from another program.

Now please review the stocktake procedures in advance, even if you have done it a few times. The odds are you need a refresher course.

Now here are some tips to help you plan the stocktake.

) Do a test run to get a feel of what is involved before the day? If you do not then on the stocktake day, you could have extra staff all waiting while you work it out. 

) Try and reduce the count. Why have the added cost of counting? Can you get rid of stock? For example, try to return as much of your stock that is unsellable to your suppliers if you can. Then you do not need to count it on the stocktake. Make an EOFY sale. Everyone else does why not you? With the opening up after COVID-19, plenty of retailers are doing this now.

) Make sure that your point-of-sale software is up to date with the stock listing. The last thing you want to do during the stocktake is correcting stock info.

) Plan an actual date for the stocktake. 

) You may want to break the stocktake in stages to reduce on any one day the workload so make logical divisions for each section of the shop. 

) Go over the shop and put it in some logical order, so all the stock is organised and in place. Make sure everything is in its proper place. You should also check the shelves and labels are correct too. 

) Make a policy on how you will be handling damaged stock? You will find them on stocktake day. Now, what are you going to do with it then? 

) Make a convention on how the count will be done. Usually, it is bottom to top and left to right. 

) While counting, remember that you can clean too. 


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