Is it safe for you to use windows XP now?

Most of us gave up on Windows XP ages ago, but if you are still running it on your POS System, I think its time to upgrade. One of my competitors has recently started to take a hard line on this. If you have a problem, people ringing up for help are being asked is it an XP computer, and if they say yes, they are being told to replace it. Perhaps they are right, and we should start making a strong line too.

However, I know many of our users are determined to keep using XP, as long as they can mainly for budget limitations and hardware compatibility issues.

If so here are some tips.

The big problem you have is that as Microsoft and just about everyone else has stopped supporting it, so there are no patches, no fixes and no updates for your system and attackers are taking full advantage of this.

1) If you need say a new printer, you need to make sure that it has drivers for Windows XP so consider buying old models.

2) When surfing the net use firefox and drop chrome and Internet explorer as they have both stopped support on Windows XP.

3) Consider moving to a web-based email service like gmail or outlook as support for outlook express on windows is over. Be particularly careful about what sites you go to, and what links you press and what email attachments you open.

4) Current figures are that Windows XP systems are getting about six times more viruses then Windows 7 or 10, so I would recommend installing a modern antivirus system like AVAST or Qihoo 360 both of which are fast and are very good and still supporting XP. Note Qihoo is not easy for a novice to use but is totally free.

Hope this helps.