Invoicing is now easier in our cash register in the new version as we have automated more the operators' work easier. Using it you can print the invoice in seconds, with minimum steps, you do not need a keystroke as it can use a touch screen but if you like you can use the keyboard shortcut keys.

This will save you time and effort, mainly if you are dealing with busy businesses and customers.

If your customers want an A4 receipt which is often true of business customers it is elementary to do, click on the "Receipts" button, find the receipt you would like to print, then select the "A4 Print" button:

Out will come an A4 receipt:

What we do suggest is that invoicing immediately and getting the customer email address to email these invoices immediately too while it is still fresh in everyone mind.  The quicker they get it the quicker you get paid.

Besides being a double hit on the bill, this email address can then be used for loyalty marketing purposes so serving another function.


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