Rather than having a separate unit which is independent of the point of sale, what PC EFTPOS integrates the EFTPOS handling into the point of sale software.

There are many advantages in doing this, here are some. 

1) It reduces operator errors by eliminating double data entries and re-keying errors from a manual entry on the EFTPOS.


No more accidentally keying into the EFTPOS terminal $20 instead of $50. 


2) Improve speed of service for your customers, as you can see an integrated Tyro Efpos (dark blue) takes just a fraction over a second on any day of the week.




3) Better reconciliation, we have a report designed for this 

You will find it here marked in red.


Once there you can get a report.


If you do not have it, I suggest you try it out. 

What it will do is give you a seamless transaction process, speedy payments and easy reconciliation!

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