In these troubled times, when everyone is getting lost what to do.


In these troubled times, when everyone is getting lost on what to do. We are seeing the entire country is coming come under quarantine orders. Consumers are shunning human contact. Retailers are scrambling to adapt. What is reassuring is the work done by the various retail associations to me notably VANA, Pet Industry Association, VECCI and the Pharmacy Guild

I am in communication with them often. I know that they are in contact consistently with major decision-makers. I would say the advice and help that they are giving me and their members have been first class.

Who knows what to do now?

To find out I am reading all the information they are sending. Sometimes this helps me to know what to do. If I do not know, I am grateful that I can ring them up to get an explanation so explain to me the situation. What I do appreciate is if they do not know, I am getting the truth that they do not know. I also appreciate that they are explaining to me fully the situation.

I confess without these peoples help now. I would be lost.

I am happy, and almost all my clients would agree with me that when they need their local community, is working for them.

Yet there is a lot more work as it is clear that this situation will last months. The Spanish flu lasted from February 1918 to April 1920.

Where I disagree with many people, is I doubt after we are going back to what was. This virus will change the reality for us all. There is no going back. People are getting used to a new type of shopping. Shops are reporting to me that they are seeing customers that they have never seen before. Many of the people that you used to deal with are not coming back. Their customer base and so their needs have changed.

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