If you were affected by the Tyro outage?


If you in the Tyro outage and have suffered a financial pact. I urge you to register with Tyro your complaint if you have not done so yet. This is even if you have registered with someone else your claim. 

Tyro is now attempting to rectify the issue.

What you will then need to do first is a guestimate of the damage you have suffered. If you think it's low and most will be low as most of our affected clients got new terminals reasonably quickly then you may want to consider doing a quick settlement. This is a little more than clicking a button and signing a form.

The advantage of doing this is you get finality and fast compensation.

If you think you should get more than this, you will need proof. Then you will need to fill out a bit of documentation. This probably needs an accountant to review your losses and fill out the details.   If so, include in these costs the accountant's fees. 

If you are not happy with either of these solutions and want more options, please let me know.

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