How to do a cool gift wrapping service in your shop



Gift wrapping has been a popular service offered by retailers to differentiate their products from other retailers.  

Since few have the skill, the public prefers to have people that know how to wrap their purchases. 

In my experience, gift wrapping is popular all year long. It is not a Christmas thing, as many people mistakenly believe. We all have regular family birthdays, anniversaries, dinner invites etc. 

Learning to do it is not hard. It only takes a bit of practice to develop.  In most shops, it does not take long to get the training. 

This you can offer at little cost. Start small and scale up if it gets up. 

I am sure you will see an improvement in your customer satisfaction and so get more sales.

One point you may want to consider is offering a *FREE* service and a *DELUXE* with a cost. Deluxe includes a card where their order, e.g. toy, will be beautifully gift wrapped in gorgeous wrapping paper. The odds are good that many of your customers will choose the Deluxe.

Come holidays; you can offer an appropriate wrap for that day.

Here is a step-by-step video above with a quick method if you want to learn how to it. It does not take long to master it; as a kid in my Mum and grandfathers shop, I could do it as fast as people handed me the item. If you want to see how quick it can be done with this method, check this video out.


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