If you are running Windows XP or Server 2003

Since Microsoft released an edict that it would no longer use SHA-1 for code-signing or its certificates after January 2016 one by one, companies have been dropping SHA-1 and go to SHA-2.

So from the start of this year we have been busy helping our clients prepare for the SHA-2.

Now Tyro has announced that they too are dropping SHA-1. This means that anyone using an old version of Windows XP needs to either upgrade it too SP3, which is free, or if they want Tyro to keep working go to a more advanced windows. If so we have very good pricing on Windows 7 and we can do even better on Windows 8 but I do not recommend Windows 8 if you want now but our advice would be to go to Windows 10.

There are good reasons to upgrade beside this.

For example, the older the operating system is the more vulnerable. It is to the security threats. Here is a chart from Kaspersky Lab where I have highlighted the XP infection rates in green. Its almost triple Windows 8.

Furthermore, new servers with SSD drives are much faster. How much is it costing you in wasted time for you and your staff just standing in front of a computer while its processing?