How to Run A Computer Performance Test


Here is how you can analyze your computer's speed and performance. What happens is that over time, computers in continuous use slow down. This is because
1) Software tends to improve over time. It gets better but more extensive and complex, requiring a better computer. 
2) Software developers make their software for modern computers
3) You get more information on your machine, so processing takes longer.
4) It just seems slower, as other computers are getting faster.

It can help to take everything off, reset the computer and put everything back on. It is a lot of work so only some people want to do this.

Here is a quick and professional way to determine how your computer stacks up in the modern world. The software we use is *performance test*. You can get a free copy here. It does take a while to run, so let it rip and do something else.

The score you will get looks like this.


Now the lower the figure in Percentile, the worse the score. This computer is pretty ordinary. It is in the bottom 13%, or if you prefer to think of it like this, 87% of computers tested are better than it. So as you can see, it is way in the low range.

You want to test all your computers and move the fastest ones to where you need the speed. We call this game musical chairs.

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