How you can get in real-time your inventory information in seconds


Here is how by using real-time inventory management. This is so you can get many such benefits, such as having the optimal amount of stock in your shop.

Say a rep is in your shop or on the phone, and you want to discuss your inventory! They have a good overview of their product overall but what they need to know is your shop situation? The odds are that they like you have much to do, so you need to find the answers immediately. 

It would also be best if you showed that you are in control and know what is happening. If a rep thinks they have a person who does not know what is going on, they can use and will use you to dump their unwanted stock. 

Go to your stock performance report. You will find it here.

Go to register reports>Suppliers>Suppliers sales trend, see the arrow in green


Supplier sales trend menu

Now put in them and set a date a year ago.

A report like this pops out.

Supplier sales trend report

Let us go through it.

Marked with a green arrow is a negative stock item. This is a sign that your stock quantities are not wholly right.

Look at the arrow in red, you have 19 of this item now, but you never sell any of them. It is a worry. Ask what happened.

Also, as you go down, you will see an item with a blue arrow. You have none in the shop. See how you have no stock, but you have sold heaps of these items.

Where is this going?

Retailers can get ahead of the competition by using real-time. If they do, it will enhance their efficiency and increase sales.


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