How to Get better Inventory Control


Tip on how to use your POS System to get better inventory control.

I will use greeting cards for this example, but it will work for anything. Using this, one of our clients improved their greeting cards sale by almost 25%, so it works and is quick. What can happen if you have a supplier that supplies you with many lines of stock, it can be hard to know what lines are working for you. If there are a lot, some I can guarantee you are bombs.

So go to Cash register reports> Suppliers> Supplier Sales Trend for 12-Month Period.

Let's keep it simple, so select a date, say last financial year and a supplier.

Now up pops a report that looks like this.

Now on the report, look at the right column, and you will see I highlighted in green stock lines that have sold nothing for 12 months. In blue, you can see that you have stock. What do you have stock of them for if they are not selling?


Consider being aggressive. Set a minimum sale budget, say 1 or 2. Now, if you look at the list, you will find more stock lines to look at too.

It will take a minute to check them out, so start now!

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