How to create interesting receipt notes

A customer receipt can be more than a legal document proof of purchase and a record for taxation, as it can be an advertisement for your shop. Unfortunately, what happens is most people just throw out your receipt shortly after they get it. What our point of sale allows you to do is add notes specific to the goods being sold. This is commonly done by our garden supply centres and are called propagation notes but there is no reason why any retailer cannot use them.

What you do is add some information that people who buy a certain product will find useful, if they find it useful, they will not throw it out and keep it for study. While studying it, they will see your banner on the receipt.

If you are interested in doing this go to your top-selling items, it rarely takes many to get over 50% of your sales.
Now call up the items in stock maintenance, see the arrow here in green, press the box notes and put in a note in the box starting with "^", This will make it print on the receipt when the item is sold.

In this case, the retailer has added an advertisement.


Just another example of how our software can be used to drive sales.