Have a chew about using arbitrary coherence.



Arbitrary coherence is a marketing technique used by some retailers. What happens is when people are faced with a product line they don't know will often select an arbitrary price to determine its value. A typical example is in gifts who knows what the price is of a gift item?

Now imagine in the shop there are two similar items:

1) $15 item

2) $20 item

Now you add a third item

3) $50 item

Studies show that by having the $50 item on display, sales go up as people buy more $15 and $20 items because the cost seems reasonable compared to the $50. This is true even if no $50 item is sold.

Works well even if the product is not in the shop for example when doing special orders. Start with the $50, then quickly mention the cheaper ones. 

Check out the video below if you want to think more about it and its business use.

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