Handling Premium Chocolate consider their Shelf Life


There is a trend in our market space for our clients to look into premium chocolates.

When handling premium chocolates, you need to consider their shelf-life. Preference should be given, if possible, to these longer shelf-life items. Although many long shelf-life chocolate products are suitable for gifting all year round, many are not.

But if you are serious about this market, you need some shorter shelf-life fresh chocolates. A fundamental problem here is white chocolate. It only has a low shelf-life. The darker, the better.
The biggest problem is that, over time, white stuff appears on the chocolate, which makes them unmarketable.

It's a problem as, unfortunately, these chocolates do not enjoy being refrigerated! Putting them in the drink fridge, which sort of works for mass-produced chocolates, is not a good idea for premium chocolates. If you must, use a wine chiller. 

Ensure your chocolate counter is out of the sun. That it is in a cool, dry area as the moisture ruins the packaging.

Fortunately, checking your premium chocolates, which should be done regularly, is straightforward.


Go to register reports> Stock> Old Stock on hand.

Now pick the department and get a list of when this stock arrived and the quantity you have on hand.  I am sure you will find some are very old; these must go.

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