Floods are hitting support


We are now facing one of these one-in-200-year flood events in central Victoria, parts of NSW and Tasmania. This is clogging up support.

Thankfully, most people have paid attention to the recent newsletter we sent out about backups. As long as you have a valid backup, you should be right and do not worry; we have over 40 years gotten very used to flood problems.

If you have an online backup, it is better. In the past, we have had to download an online backup, run many reports in our support office, and then send them back to the affected people. If you have not yet set up our free online backup system, I suggest you do so ASAP.

Interesting, unlike most floods we have faced, the problem today is not water damage but the disruption to the supply lines. Today if a transport company has a problem delivering, they do not try to fix it but move on to the next job and leave the merchant without stock.

Of course, knowing the full extent of the loss will take time.

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